Friday, March 2, 2018

What's this worth?

Someone wants my old bonsai magzines. He found the most valuable ones. But what exactly are they worth?

Bonsai Today, #1 to 27 + 38, good condition. #1 is the first print!!

Bosdsai Club Germany magazine issue 1 fro 1978 in very good condition
issues 21 - 36, 1984 to 1987

Does someone have an idea of what to charge?

Da will einer meinen alten Bonsaimagazine kaufen. Er hat sich natürlich die wertvollsten heraus gesucht. Hat da jemand hier eine Vorstellung, was das kosten könnte

Bonsai Club Deutschland Zeitschrift:
Heft 1, noch ohne Nummer, bestens erhalten, Dezember 1978
Hefte 21 bis 36, 1984 bis 1987, gut erhalten

Bonsai Today: Heft 1 bis 27 plus 38, gut erhalten, Heft 1 ist die Erstausgabe (nicht der Nachdruck)

besten Dank für die Hilfe.


Anonymous said...

Might you just donate them to the person?

Otherwise, I don't know how you would appraise these magazines.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about specific issues, but most of the time Ebay has quite a few up for auction/sale. Browsing the site might give you some idea of what people are asking...