Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Japanese Maple #18

Finally almost all the wire is off. The graft has taken, it seem  like, touching it. I leave the bridge on for a s long as possible, however. The branch after the graft has to clearly be thicker than the bridge. this my take a few more years. This maple is quite promising by now.


Anonymous said...

I must have missed the previous posts describing the (need for a) graft. Why was it necessary and why the "bridge"?

Walter Pall said...

This is the variety ARAKAWA. It is quite popular, but alomst never one finds a really good specimen. They have the bad habit of loosing thick branches and full crowns because of fungi. It is extremely difficult to repair this - almost impossible. This one lost half of its crown. The graft was made to repair this. When the bridge finally will get off this sholud be a really rare kind of bonsai. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Hi Walter,

Is the graft the skinny but long branch coming towards the viewer on the top?

Also, question on a slightly different variety, I remember you writing that the deshojo variety eventually dies as well. Have you ever tried again with this variety. How many do you know of have died at a certain age due to fungus that you know of to confirm this? I know you had a very beautiful example which also died on you.

Have a great day!

Thomas Urban

Walter Pall said...


Deshojo I do not want in my garden. They will collapse on you one day. This is common knowldege in Japan.