Sunday, December 10, 2017

Preparing American deciduous broadleaved material.

Jennifer, Ron, Jeff and Walter have fun working on these trees.

These are all deciduous broadleaved trees which were collected in America. They are mostly American hornbeams, Swamp Maple, oaks, linden, hydrangea and others. You can see what they look like after two vegetation periods and how they are cut back and brought to the next level. They may still look ugly to many but they will be quite impressive after another one or two vegetation periods.

here are almost 100 of these at Hidden Gardens, south of Chicago. They are all available. This is ground breaking. Only ten years ago this was the situation in Croatia. As most would know by now Croatia is one of the leading nations concerning broadleaved bonsai. One should consider that this is only the start t. There is much more to come. We will watch what will happen in America within the next ten years concerning this kind of material.

Many are not yet used to see big cuts on broadleaved trees. This is because in Japan only well prepared nursery trees are the norm for broadleaved bonsai. They do not collect such stuff. In order to not jeopardize their nursery industry they 'forbid' this kind of material. To see what to do with collected broadleaved material one cannot learn from Japan. The countries to look to are Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Croatia, Great Britain, Germany and others. Possibly in the future USA. We'll see. It just cannot be that the so small country Croatia has more good broadleaved trees than the rest together.