Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Int. Bonsai Academy in Kastela, Croatia 2017 #1

From November 11 to 13,  2017 the tenth International Bonsai Academy took place in Kastela, Croatia in the garden of Marija Hajdic and Andrija Zocic.
Here the Tree Inspiration on Saturdy with audience from all over Sotheast Europe. The trees are almost all owned by M&A.


Vinny Chirayil said...

Hi Walter, are you using the plastic crates as pots for any special reason (like drainage/aeration) or just bcos they are cheap, easily available and rugged ? I have seen them in your many of your older posts too and was curious. Thanks for your reply.

Walter Pall said...

Vinny, for all of the reasons you mention.