Saturday, August 19, 2017

Trident maple #9

A week ago this tree was 'recklessly and with utter disrespect mutilated' by me to be seen in a public video. The pot was 'sprayed with can paint'  - unbelievable. Well, it was hedge pruned and the pot was sprayed with silicon. A couple days later the maple was planted into the great new pot by Tom Benda. 'Recklessly with full foliage still on and at the worst time of the year. In addition the roots were shortened with a saw - how incredible!'.  The 'biggest problem is the beginners will see this and copy it'. Well, this is why I show it. In the end methods can only be judged by results. It was remarked that 'this man’s trees would be outstanding had they ever gotten into the right hands'. Oh I would love to see the results and learn from that.

The pot at the moment appears a bit too large. The crown will become larger by 25 % and the trunk will gain in girth by one third due to the hedge cutting method within the next four years. Then it will look right.