Saturday, June 10, 2017

European Spruce #17


Flo said...

I am very impressed by your trees. Also, I try to implement your system of using substrate, feeding and watering my trees, which are all in plastic containers. So, my question follows: what do you think of using air-root-pruning for bonsai root development?

Walter Pall said...

Air-root-pruning is OK for developed trees which should stay as they are.

Walter Pall said...

You do not want to prune the roots of trees in early development at all. The tree has to grow - grow as much as possible. Root pruning slows him down. Root pruning is only for trees which are very advanced and should not grow too much anymore. I try to avoid root pruning even on 'finished' trees because I what to develop every tree - always.

Walter Pall said...

I have never root pruned this spruce at all.