Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Walter's Rock Festival 2017 #1

Scots Pine #18


jonas said...

super nice trees... im only tried bonsai lifestyle for 2 years..
i collected 14 scots so far.. im in sweden so
i focus on scots and now some spruse..
when is best time to prune bigger branches??
if the tree is healthy ..

Walter Pall said...

best time is when you have a cutting device in your hand.Means always.

jonas-bonsai viking said...

realy..tanx..i have some whirls on a couple of
scotts..collected 7 years ago..but then i didnt
know anything ..anyway they survived. Many bonsai
sites telling only prune in fall so on...i decided
to follow your advices from now on..more fertilizing..more
water..more yamadori..modern post some
pics on b-nut -bonsai viking when i can show somthing without getting
under attack from the bullies..