Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A very different bonsai book

Larry Morton's new book is now available. It is totally different from any 'normal' bonsai book. Bonsai horticulture is seen with eyes of modern well proven horticulture. It is shown that bonsai horticulture practices are often 50 years behind this openly available set of knowledge and practices. This book will open your eyes. it certainly will cause a lot of discussion.
On the side the book is full of bonsai images which are all my photographs. It can also be used as a picture book.



'The most current, useful information on growing Bonsai. Fresh, practical, definitive, comprehensive reference guide to the finest art of horticulture: growing miniature trees. Common sense bonsai answers separating myth from fact with depth and detail. Appropriate for both bonsai hobbyists and experienced practitioners. Featuring Walter Pall Bonsai.'
Foreword, by Walter Pall 7
Acknowledgements 9

Write to Larry Morton for quantity discounts: larrywmorton@gmail.com

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Anonymous said...

Hi Walter,

I just bought the book. Yes it's almost like a school book where I can see a test being given by a teacher at the end of each section.

I also noticed there are quite a few things in there that I am sure many great masters already today, would strongly disagree for example the organic vs. inorganic fertilizer or the pros that swear by akadama whereas, you and Larry believe this is a unecessarily expensive and not so useful. Very good information in there. I will have to read it many many times.
Not to trouble you, but I also noticed that you also do some things differently than some things that Larry mentions : )

I really enjoy the 'brown' myth sentences that Larry put into the book. I can already see some 'pros' or more experienced people than me telling me these things and it's great to see they are not necessarily true.

I hope you're enjoying your winter! Great snow and real winter weather here in Brno for a change and I am sure Tyrol is experiencing the same right now.

Kind Regards,

Thomas Urban