Sunday, February 7, 2016

Chinese elm #1


Gary Swiech said...

Exactly how would you have styled it Walter?

It does look like an excellent Ulmus pariflora with nice peeling bark.

Walter Pall said...

Gary, the text is slightly obsolete. In the meanwhiule I have styled it to like it as is. But it is not naturalistic. A broadleaved tree would not grwo like this. This is a bonsai form. WEll, nobody is perfect.

Gary Swiech said...

The reason I asked is that I am growing a variety called Ulmus parvifolia "Alle" with early peeling bark. It was cutting grown so nice roots.
The tree is so apically dominant and I want it to look like an elm tree not a pine tree.

So I'm growing it as sort of broom but it grows so fast on top I'm trying to preserve
The upright habit.

I've seen you clipping the top severely with clippers.

Would you grow it a new style broom?

Walter Pall said...

Sure, an iformal broom form is a natural form for an elm.