Monday, February 16, 2015

Great wild olive available for sale or trade

Wild olive, Olea europeaa sylvatica, collected in Mallorca, Spain in 2012, very old, probably many hundred years, excellent deadwood in front, great trunk shape, very healthy foliage with extremely small leaves which will become even smaller in time. Already first styling done. I have some idea how to continue. This tree is available because I have problems with space for overwintering. Get yourself a winner!


Anonymous said...

great tree Walter, how much do you ask for this one?

Walter Pall said...
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Walter Pall said...

2.950 euro. Definitely no shipping.

ארז בן טובים said...

Hi Walter,
I am admiring your work for a long time, both from your webpage and videos. I also ateended a workshop you did in Israel few years ago.
I have a question regarding this tree and hope it is not considered rude or arrogant ...
I was rather surprised to see the initial styling of this tree: it seems to be stiled in a "pine-tree" style - the style you keep on lecturing "against" for these kind of trees. Olives never look like that in nature. I would have expected you to style the tree with the branches going upwards like an olive tree. Could you explain?

Kind regards,


Walter Pall said...


thanks for noticing. I just got this tree as is. Give me a couple of weeks and I will naturalize it. Or the new owner will. This is why I did the drawing.