Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Entry #1 for Noelanders Trophy 2015

Ezo spruce, Picea jezoensis


Kennet De Bondt said...

Hello Walter, Hanna and all of you blog-readers.
Best whishes for the coming year.

@WP: these 2 entries for Noelanders: does this mean you already have 2 trees in the exhibit?

Kennet (Belgium)

Walter Pall said...

No, it means that I have sent them pictures for consideration to be entered.

Frank Krawiecki said...

first I will send you best wishes for the new year and especially health for you and your wife.

Your 1. submission/entry for Noelanders is my favourite - it is the most filigree bonsai-spruce I have ever seen - the roof slate will give her a piece of better nature.The nebari is unbelievable good..!
You are the greatest natural conifer-stylist I have ever seen.

This tree is in assistant of all other conifers, you have ever formed. I will hope, you will take place at the Noelanders front...!

My personal favourite of these two spruce is your 2.entry - For me, this Europ.spruce emanate more unperfect character with easily windswept - the bowle is good - the bowle-colour is a perfect reflection of the trunk... but...unfortunately not a natural slate (one of your wonderful slates)

With best wishes
Frank -Solingen