Saturday, November 29, 2008

bonsai garden in winter

Gone is all the glory of the exhibit. The trees are eithr in the un heated greenhouse or on the ground between the stumps or under the benches. This will stay so until mid-April.


Shaukat Islam said...


Very nice pics. I had no idea that the trees are kept just like that in the open throughout the winter.

Just curious.....what happens if it snows heavily, say the pot goes down below the snow?
Do you let the tree remain there or remove it to another shelter?


Walter Pall said...


that's the best thing that can happen. Teh snow iw a winderful insulator. It protects the trees from wind and they are not as cold as on the top without snow. I actually hope for a lot of snow soon.


Anonymous said...

Good evening. As i had read, you left the trees outside. Sure you left outside only weatherproof trees. I live "near" you. Maybe few hundrets km in Czech Rep. near slovakia border in 550 metres up on sea. And I dig in all of my trees ( with pots)in to the ground. I am affraid that they all will freeze. Is it fault?or it doesnt matter?
Thank you for sharing all of your bonsai knowledge with us. Martin

Rune Kyrdalen said...

How cold does it get in your unheated greenhouse Walter? Do you ever have to put in a electrical heater to protect the tridents and other tender trees from the worst cold?


Walter Pall said...


it is not a mistake what you do. It is better than what I do. But I have so many trees and they ar so big, I just cannot bury them.


Walter Pall said...


in the green house I let it go down to minus 6 or so. Then I start an inexpensive electric heater that keeps it above that temperature. I also heat when it is snowing. I do not want the snow to freeze onto the roof of the greenhouse. It should slide off.


Eric Schrader said...

I'm surprised to hear that you don't have any shows in the middle of winter....or maybe I'm mis-reading. Seems like all those leafless deciduous trees and sleeping junipers would be a fantastic show.

Walter Pall said...


in January we have the Noelanders Trophy. I am planning to bring two deciduous trees and one conifer. Or maybe three deciduos trees. Other than that shows start around end of April in Europe. This is not good for me because I have a couple hundred well developed deciduous trees. Such is life


V. Hobus said...

Pictures wonderful!!
It's a spectacle.
One day I will see that everything personally ...

Hirth Janos said...

Very best foto.
good day.
Hirth janos

Hirth Janos said...

Very best foto!

Ralf said...

what about deep minus temperatures for a longer period? Doesn't that harm the roots of decidious and conifers? What happens to the roots during the frozen times, doesn't they work, anyway? But the trees need water, doesn't they?

Walter Pall said...

Well Ralf,

all these are trees which normally have everything frozen in winter for a short or long time. This is normal! Trees would be extinct in colder climate if they could not stand this. Trees only need water in winter if they loose it. They don't loose much water if they are frozen on top. But if the roots are frozwn and the top gets sunshine it can be dangerous. I also water in winter about once a month or up to once every two weeks. I mean the trees outside. They get snow and rain anyway. The trees in the greenhose have to be watered from once a week to once every two weeks.