Friday, December 7, 2007

winter pictures - part 18

European oak, two Chinese elms and one hawthorn.


Pedro said...

Hi! I live in Brazil, so we don´t have snow, temperatures below 0ÂșC in winter, at least in my region. So I am very pleased to see your photos. They remember me of a time when I lived in France and I miss the snow so much! Thank a lot for posting these marvles of nature and man. And congratulaions for your expertise in the bonsai art. Here in Brazil many people think that you are the ONE who are the BEST, for you gives us an occidental styling and I love it very much.

Anonymous said...

Hello Walter,

I recently bought some old Bonsai mags on ebay, one of which was No 44 of Winter 1999. It has earlier pictures of the development of the hollow oak that you have displayed this month. You said in the article that the tree would not be harmed by the hollowing out process and here is the tree 7/8 years later still going strong and looking great.
However, what was interesting in the article was your guidance on trunk thickness to height proportions. Like John Naka you said 1:6 is the ideal but used 1:5 for this tree. Do you vary this ratio for different species? I would think an Oak would have different proportions to say a Silver Birch. Is that why you have used 1:5 rather than 1:6? Of course I realise it is only a guideline.

The pictures do not really give a good idea of the size of the tree which in 1999 was 15cm trunk to 75cm height.

Thanks for the fantastic pictures you add to your sight. I love to see them.


Walter Pall said...


indeed the proportions that are pleasing are different from species to species. For an oak I would now even want to have a proportion of 1:4 or even 1:3.
for a silver birch it would be grotesque. There a proportion of 1:8 and up to 1:12 would be just fine.