Tuesday, September 12, 2017

27 bonsai tables white for sale

These are tables of high quality acrylic glass. They are matt and do not break easily. The sizes are  from 40 to 60 cm times 35 to 40 times 10 to 20 cm high.  Most are rectangular, some square. They are mostly in very new looking condition, almost not used or not uses at all.
These stands look phantastic if many of them are in one exhibit. They are suitable for small to medium sized trees.
This shod be a good offer for clubs or groups who do exhibits on a regular basis and want something special- 27 pieces for 1,850 Euro. after I paid more than 3,000 wholesale originally. Trade possible

Für Vereine und Gruppen, die edlen Unterlagen für Ausstellungen suchen. Sonderangebot 1.850 Euro, nach ursprünglich über 3.000 im Einkauf. Tausch möglich.